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"Goin' Mobile" From Jacobs Media & Arbitron

Goin' Mobile

Working once again with Arbitron, Jacobs Media has designed and implemented a breakthrough project, focused on smartphone owners that was the talk of this year’s Radio Show.

Read what others said after seeing "Goin' Mobile" at The NAB Radio Show:

Goin' MobileA recent industry poll from Inside Radio revealed that broadcasters believe that mobile phone applications have the most growth potential this year – mentioned by two-thirds of hundreds of radio professionals who responded to the survey.

To put this topic in broader context, there are now more mobile devices in the world than televisions, radios, and personal computers combined. Two-thirds of the world’s population use a mobile phone. Mobile is more than simply a portable platform with various functions. It is a tech and lifestyle game-changer, stimulated by the creation of multi-platform multi-function devices like Apple’s iPhone and new iPad, along with the BlackBerry, and Android platforms.

Today, consumers have the power of the Internet, television, radios, video games, and more in their pockets. Understanding the significant impact of mobile phones is paramount for any business or entity that wants to communicate with consumers. For broadcasters, it is a must to better understand where the audience – and the dollars – is moving.

“Goin' Mobile” uses the ethnographic research methodology we introduced to the industry with the 2007 "Bedroom Project" to identify where mobile is moving as a platform. Jacobs Media conducted extensive interviews with 18 smartphone owners across the United States. Capturing their mobile phone usage and activities on video, we followed them at work, at home, in their cars, and at play, in a myriad of locations, from offices to retail stores to hair salons to bars – all observing and capturing their mobile phone activities.

Extensive follow-up interviews with each respondent provide clarity and a vivid narrative to the on-the-scene videos. The result is a riveting research study that provides Arbitron with special insight into how consumers interact with mobile, and how marketers and media executives can benefit from this changing trend.

The end result is a video presentation hosted by Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs, who provides the context and the narrative for “Going Mobile.” It is a mash-up of ethnography and documentary, and was one of the highlights of The Radio Show.


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“Goin’ Mobile” Survey Unveiled at Radio Show!

By Pat Lynch, Host of Speak Up!
Fred Jacobs, Founder and CEO of Jacobs Media, and Arbitron combined efforts to create video surveys to learn what people 18-45 are using to access broadcasting options across the U.S.  No surprise that mobile turned out to be the "killer app," but perhaps, more important to the general broadcast community – both terrestrial and digital – is that smart-phones could be the "hub" that will be profitable for existing broadcasting companies.  Jacobs joins Speak Up! to discuss the workshop he will be conducting at this year's Radio Show, which will be held from September 29th through October 1st, 2010 at the Grand Hyatt Washington, Washington D.C.


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