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I’m (Not) Lovin’ It
Yesterday, we talked about some of the differences between The Radio Show and the PRPD Convention.  ... [more]
A Surprise Every 20 Minutes
While many of you reading this post spent last week in Indianapolis at The Radio Show attending Supe... [more]
Radio’s Most Innovative – George Gimarc
When it comes to innovation, there are people who have one great idea that becomes their entire focu... [more]
Be Pushy
A new study from statistical app tracker Localytics reveals something we’ve been seeing for a few ye... [more]
“How’m I Doin’?”
If you’ve ever lived in New York City or you’re a fan of the Big Apple, you can never forget the imp... [more]
You’re The Boss
I made an interesting discovery on LinkedIn last week.  I started receiving congratulatory messages ... [more]
“I Owe It All To Joan Rivers”
The passing of Joan Rivers last week brought out a lot of memories, a lot of laughs, and a lot of em... [more]