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Game of Content
Over the past several weeks, I’ve attended my share of industry conferences.  And if you ask me the ... [more]
Spin City
Last week, a big music story involving radio focused on SiriusXM programmer John Marks and how his “... [more]
All You Zombies
Once again, Mike Stern’s TV viewing time contributes some  solid morning show philosophizing for Jac... [more]
Politically Speaking
If this blog is beginning to remind you of MSNBC or Fox News commentaries, please accept my apology.... [more]
The 3 M’s
One of the exciting things about looking over the master spreadsheet for a mega-study like Techsurve... [more]

Results & Slides


Key findings and takeaways are available now along with slides.
Techsurvey 10 Results

Why We Are Doing DASH - Again

The primary reason is that we have heard from so many people who attended the event who felt that it was probably the most unique conference they had ever attended.

The Dash Conference 2014

Jacobs Media

On The Road

Join us as we hit the road this Spring & Summer to speak at, and participate in, a number of different conferences
Jacobs Media On The Road

the nation's leading rock radio consulting firm

When Rock radio innovates, Jacobs Media is there.  Fred Jacobs created the Classic Rock radio format on his kitchen table in 1983. Since then, Jacobs Media has grown to be American radio’s leading consultants - not just to Classic Rock stations - but to all Rock radio, Alternative radio, Public Radio, and brands that need to understand their specific consumer target. With a commitment to innovation and customized strategies, Jacobs Media keeps clients aware of new trends, using online polls, focus groups, and - now - as pioneers in modern ethnography, going beyond the numbers and observing real people in real life situations. Consulting. Research. Strategy. Jacobs Media.
PRTS6 RegistrationPRTS6
Jacobs Media & PRPD have teamed up for our sixth annual Public Radio Techsurvey.  All Public Radio stations are welcome to participate
SM3Social Media Monday Memo
Lori Lewis' weekly memo on what's happening in the social space, and ways for your station and personalities to take advantage of these great tools
Radiodays EuropeFred Jacobs At Radiodays Europe
Don't miss this recap of Fred's panel and an interview from Radiodays Europe on the connected car
Keeping The Format FreshKeeping Classic Rock Fresh
Growth requires a constant re-examination of your approach to ensure that it is fresh, energetic, and compelling.  We have suggestions for fighting for freshness