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Radio’s Most Innovative: XAPPmedia
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Radio’s Most Innovative: NPR One
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It’s a wrap…more than 200 radio stations across North America have generated over 41,000 in-tab interviews. So we’ll be spending the next several weeks analyzing the data. Here is presentation info.

Radio's Most Innovative

CES 2015

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Pyramid Smackdown

In the world of radio strategizing, which pyramid is the ONE? Here's how Coleman Insights & Jacob Media see it.

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For more than three decades, Jacobs Media has become synonymous with media innovation and results. From our roots in radio in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the company has broken ground in the digital space, excelling in the integration of digital, mobile, and social strategies with heritage media brands.

With a commitment to innovation and customized research strategies, our mission is to keep clients aware of new trends using web surveys, focus groups, one-on-ones, and ethnography, going beyond the numbers and observing real people in real life situations.

As the media world has changed, so have we. Our mobile apps company – jacAPPS – is among the leaders in the space. And on the social front, our work has been groundbreaking.

Radio's Most Innovative
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