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Radio’s Flag Bearer
In the past few years, we’ve devoted time in our Techsurveys to better understanding the threat that... [more]
In A Flash
So when you think of things that move really fast, what comes to mind? Of course, there were those a... [more]
The Fork In A Critical Road
Before you know it, the old pigskin will be tossed around, and soon, commercial radio broadcasters w... [more]
It’s Not You, It’s Me
It’s one of the worst lines you’ll ever hear: “It’s not you, it’s me.&... [more]
Radio’s Most Innovative – All Christmas Music
For our second honoree in our “Radio’s Most Innovative” series, we are going back in time and possib... [more]
BJ Talks
You may be thinking that it’s “Seattle DJ Week” on this blog – and you wouldn’t be wrong... [more]
What About Bob 2?
Yesterday, outgoing Seattle morning star Bob Rivers talked about his career path and his three famil... [more]

Jacobs Media Services


programming consultation
Our philosophy from Day One has been to serve client needs on a 360 degree basis - whether it's overall philosophy and "format finding" to music scheduling to talent coaching.
social & digital
Long before it became fashionable, Jacobs Media made the investment and commitment to the digital space.
Social & digital
Before we became consultants, the backbone of the company was in media research, due to Fred's background, training, and early history with the legendary Frank N. Magid & Associates.
We learned early on that helping clients generate ratings is half the battle; converting those numbers into revenue is what separates Jacobs Media from the rest of the pack.