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Quotations From Chairman Mel
OK, in the spirit of full disclosure, I did not attend the National Association of Broadcasters Conv... [more]
Radio’s Most Innovative: Radio.com’s Minimations
Television has always been better than radio at recycling, repurposing, and repackaging its best con... [more]
Format Killers
By now, you’ve probably read about the Voltair audio processing system that has stirred up some cont... [more]
On A Mission
If you work in radio, chances are good that you have a closetful of logoware, representing your jour... [more]
Blurred Lines
Radio is an industry whose foundation is formats. It’s how stations are defined – by agencies and ul... [more]
The “Disconnected Car”
Chances are good you saw that story from Forbes last week, strongly showing consumer demand for and ... [more]
Radio’s Most Innovative: iHeartRadio
It’s no secret that the ways in which listeners are consuming audio is shifting constantly and has b... [more]

social & digital services

Social & Digital Services

Long before it became fashionable, Jacobs Media made the investment in commitment to technology.

We were pioneers in creating early versions of this site, as well as leading the way in areas such as blogging. Our mission is to help clients integrate their stations with changing technology, taking advantage of changing consumer tastes to create digital revenue opportunities.

Our Director of Digital, Tim Davis, has been on our staff for more than fifteen years, providing Jacobs Media clients with his unique perspective on technology - today and down the road.  We've also recently added Social & Digital Strategist Lori Lewis to help clients navigate the burgeoning arena of Social Media and more.