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Final Score: 86 – 14
Keeping track of the mobile space is a full-time job in and of itself. Between new smartphones and t... [more]
Personalized Radio?
Maybe you remember seeing Minority Report and the creepy scene in the mall where Tom Cruise gets bom... [more]
Is Radio’s Future Going “Off-Air?”
Don’t let today’s blog headline fool you. The future of radio is “Off-Air.” Or as it is also called ... [more]
Making the Donuts AND Driving the Trucks
Fans of The Daily Show may be thinking it will never be the same because of Jon Stewart’s departure,... [more]
Radio’s Most Innovative: Entercom Sacramento’s “Eat Farm To Fork” Initiative
Ask people what they know about Sacramento and they will tell you it’s the capital of California. Sp... [more]
Radio’s Shrinking Workforce
As cutbacks over the last decade have taken their toll on station staffs, the impact can be seen and... [more]
A Love Letter To WWL Radio
This week on JacoBLOG, the topic of radio doing a better job of marketing itself has wafted through ... [more]

social & digital services

Social & Digital Services

Long before it became fashionable, Jacobs Media made the investment in commitment to technology.

We were pioneers in creating early versions of this site, as well as leading the way in areas such as blogging. Our mission is to help clients integrate their stations with changing technology, taking advantage of changing consumer tastes to create digital revenue opportunities.