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Radio’s Most Innovative: Jeff Smulyan/WFAN
It’s often said that success has many fathers.  The problem is that it can make it a challenge to de... [more]
Prep School
With all this bad weather all over the country, the good news is that Spring Training is underway, a... [more]
It’s About Time
As technology, media, and gadgets continue to change and become bigger parts of our lives and our bu... [more]
Wanted: Musicologists
Last week, we aired it out a bit with the Coleman Insights crew about whose pyramid – or should we s... [more]
Jim Elliott is probably a bit nervous.  He’s the new chief judge for the 2015 Radio Mercury Aw... [more]
Radio’s Most Innovative: XAPPmedia
It’s no coincidence that some of the most innovative developments in and around radio these past cou... [more]
Go Fish!
These days, it seems like there’s a very line between the wisdom of “fish where the fish... [more]

jacobs media sales

We learned early on that helping clients generate ratings is half the battle; converting those numbers into revenue is what separates Jacobs Media from the rest of the pack.

More than a decade ago, Paul Jacobs joined the company, bringing a career's worth of experience in sales, and sales/general management. Paul works with our GMs, DOSs, and GSMs to craft sales strategy, in addition to making market visits designed to motivate both sales staffs and local advertisers.

The Sales section on this website is one of the most popular destinations for Jacobs Media clients.