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Arbitron/Jacobs Media Bedroom Project

The Bedroom Project

The Bedroom Project

How Young Americans Use, Consume, & Interact With Technology and Media

For a great overview of "The Bedroom Project, listen to Hear2.0's Mark Ramsey interview Fred Jacobs regarding "The Bedroom Project."  Use the controller below to play & pause the interview (18:22)

The Bedroom ProjectFor the last six months, we’ve been working on a very exciting project for radio that will soon be ready for presentation to the industry – and to Jacobs Media clients. As you know, we’ve been highly involved with researching technology usage habits during the past several years. Now we’ve taken it one important step further with a very different kind of research study.

We have teamed up with Arbitron to gain insights as to how young adults use media and technology.  “Ethnographic” research was utilized to observe consumers in their natural settings, providing unique insights that could not be gathered using traditional survey research or focus groups. With "The Bedroom Project," our interviewers went right into homes, apartments, dormitories, cars, and yes, bedrooms, to watch how young people use media and to explore their attitudes about survey research. Ethnography research is being conducted by many businesses and industries, including Yahoo!, Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, Nissan, and Microsoft.

Arbitron retained Jacobs Media to create and conduct this ethnographic research project among thirty 18-28 year-olds, residing in Columbus, Ohio and Los Angeles, California. They included representative gender and ethnicity characteristics.  The interviews were conducted in February 2007 by trained researchers in the same age range as these respondents, under the supervision of Jacobs Media. All of the interviews were videotaped and transcribed for analysis. These two-hour interviews were conducted in respondents’ residences, as well as in their vehicles (weather permitting). Requirements for participation were high speed Internet and home computer access, as well as cell phone ownership.

“The Bedroom Project” provides a rich source of observations related to how young people consume media and technology, as well as their attitudes toward surveys. This video presentation – comprised of the “greatest hits” compiled from more than 60 hours of video – will illustrate how young people use all types of technology in their daily lives -- computers, cell phones, social networks, iPods, video games, television, and of course, radio. Traditionally in radio, there is no shortage of quantitative analysis, whether it comes from Arbitron ratings or proprietary station research. “The Bedroom Project” takes a different approach, providing the stories behind the numbers and charts.

  • “The Bedroom Project” was presented at the NAB Radio Show on September 26 by Jacobs Media’s Fred Jacobs.
        Click here to watch the video Fred's NAB session

  • A follow-up presentation, “The Bedroom Project: Radio Uncovered,” was presented at Jacobs Media’s Summit 12 the following afternoon, September 27th by Jacobs Media’s Dave Beasing and Arbitron’s Ed Cohen. That session focused on observations about terrestrial radio from “The Bedroom Project” interviews.

  • You can find more information on the Bedroom Project at www.thebedroomstudy.com.

You can see a short “trailer” that we’ve created by clicking the "play" button below (double-click the video to have it play full-screen).

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