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Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey8 Format Reports

The largest radio tech survey ever conducted

170 stations | 12 radio formats | 57,358 radio listeners

Results From Breakthrough Study Available For Purchase For All Formats

Jacobs Media produced a series of webinars for seven key format groupings from its recently released Techsurvey8 study.  Each presentation provides format-specific information on the digital, social, and media habits of radio listeners from the largest research project in the industry’s history.

“Response to the study has been amazing since we released the top-line findings,” comments Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs.  “But the story is deeper in the format data because they’re all different.  Each format-centric audience has a digital footprint.  These webinars will provide a blueprint for PDs, managers, and digital staffers to ”follow.”

A copy of each webinar's presentation is available to anyone and costs $99.  Each participant will receive the webinar deck as a PDF file which includes their format’s “Media Usage Pyramid” that graphically illustrates the hierarchy of media habits from the study.

If you would like to purchase these reports, please click the appropriate link below to contact our office - and we will follow back up with you for payment details.

Click below to contact us for purchase details on the format(s) report of your choice for $99/each:


Christian Radio



Rock Combo (covers AAA, Alternative, Mainstream/Active, & Classic Rock/Hits)


Variety Hits

For more information, please contact Lisa Riker at 248-353-9030 or lisa@jacobsmedia.com