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Radio’s Most Innovative: Fun Kids
In America, our primary exposure to radio created for children is Radio Disney, which arguably was a... [more]
“Pandora’s holding on line 2…”
A funny thing happens after you’ve put together three DASH Conferences. You learn a lot about what’s... [more]
Radio’s Changing Partners(hips)
We are fortunate at Jacobs Media that we travel in a lot of different circles. We work with many gre... [more]
And the winner is….RADIO!
Today’s blog post title is comprised of five words you don’t usually run across in a discussio... [more]
The 22 Immutable Laws…of Radio Storytelling
Radio has come a long way since gurus Al Ries & Jack Trout literally wrote the book on marketing... [more]
Radio’s Most Innovative: Delilah
At Jacobs Media and in this blog, we often talk about the importance of radio personalities making t... [more]
Radio’s Car Dealer Conundrum
This morning, I’m honored to take the stage at the NAB/RAB Radio Show with fellow consultant A... [more]

There's no bigger issue facing radio than automotive.  And to underscore that point, Bob Pittman, Chairman & CEO of iHeart Media will be the keynoter at DASH sharing his vision of radio & the car.  


The most unique conference in radio is back November 4-5 in Detroit featuring an all-star lineup of execs from the automotive & media worlds.  This is a conference that's worthy of your investment.  Details here.

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Everything you want to know about PRTS7 is right here...54 public radio statoins generating more than 19,000 responses tell an amazing story about just how fast it's all moving. Click here for the details and a nifty slide deck.

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Media leadership, strategic thinking, results

For more than three decades, Jacobs Media has become synonymous with media innovation and results. From our roots in radio in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the company has broken ground in the digital space, excelling in the integration of digital, mobile, and social strategies with heritage media brands.

With a commitment to innovation and customized research strategies, our mission is to keep clients aware of new trends using web surveys, focus groups, one-on-ones, and ethnography, going beyond the numbers and observing real people in real life situations.

As the media world has changed, so have we. Our mobile apps company – jacAPPS – is among the leaders in the space. And on the social front, our work has been groundbreaking.

Radio's Most Innovative
The champions of Radio's Most Innovative
Seth Resler...Content Marketing
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Connecting the Dots Monday Memo
Memos from Seth Resler, a DIYer in the digital space
TS11...It's A Wrap.
More than 200 radio stations across North America generated over 41,000 in-tab interviews.