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My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Stream)
It’s been a crazy week for radio but that’s the world in which we live. You may have heard the recen... [more]
That’s Billion With A “B”
While the radio industry is wringing its hands over measurement, encoding, black boxes, and number g... [more]
The Podcast’s The Thing
Amidst the Voltair madness last week, you may have missed the second biggest story in radio. It was ... [more]
Radio’s Most Innovative: KCSN’s Remote Studio and Performance Space
On this blog, the topic of radio stations getting out of their friendly confines and taking shows an... [more]
The End of Encode Gate?
“When we hear news we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation.” – Voltaire Many are ref... [more]
Ding Dong, Radio Calling
If you saw the movie Moneyball starring Brad Pitt as Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane, you pr... [more]
Science vs. Art
We continue to read more and more about how big data will continue to dominate the business world, h... [more]

It’s a wrap…more than 200 radio stations across North America generated over 41,000 in-tab interviews. It’s an amazing study that covers everything from car radio pushbuttons, smart TVs, and the FM chip. Dig in.

Radio's Most Innovative

DASH 3.0

The most unique conference in radio is back November 4-5 in Detroit with stimulating sessions, speakers, & presentations to help broadcasters carve out an effective automotive sales and programming strategy.

Click here for details.

Content Marketing

Jacobs Media's new Digital Dot Connector, Seth Resler, shows you how to use Content Marketing to integrate all of your digital tools into one coherent strategy.

To watch Seth's 4-minute video ... click here

Media leadership, strategic thinking, results

For more than three decades, Jacobs Media has become synonymous with media innovation and results. From our roots in radio in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the company has broken ground in the digital space, excelling in the integration of digital, mobile, and social strategies with heritage media brands.

With a commitment to innovation and customized research strategies, our mission is to keep clients aware of new trends using web surveys, focus groups, one-on-ones, and ethnography, going beyond the numbers and observing real people in real life situations.

As the media world has changed, so have we. Our mobile apps company – jacAPPS – is among the leaders in the space. And on the social front, our work has been groundbreaking.

Radio's Most Innovative
The champions of Radio's Most Innovative
Seth Resler...Digital Dot Connector
Click here to read about Seth
Connecting the Dots Monday Memo
Memos from Seth Resler, a DIYer in the digital space
PRTS7 Wrapping Up Friday
Stay tuned for results from PRTS7
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